Rest – a radical act? You may be wondering why anyone would call it that.

Yet, our societies promote constant action, incessant doing, continuous chasing of results and money. For many of us, taking a nap during the day or just sitting by the window and watching the world go by for a while feels like a waste

of time. In fact, it may even make us feel guilty, like we are doing something we shouldn’t.

Even if we felt tired and our bodies were pleading with us to rest, we tend to push on, ignoring the messages from within.

Do you recognise that in yourself? What would you do to keep going? Grab a cup of coffee, have an energy drink or eat a bar of chocolate?

Can you see how in this kind of a context, stepping back and taking a break even if it is for just a moment, can be a real radical break from the routine? And how listening to our bodies and resting, when a rest is needed, amounts to a small rebellion against the expectations of our fast-paced societies?

Let’s all be Rebels of Rest today!

I challenge you to unplug for just five minutes (or longer, if you want to take that delicious afternoon nap ?) and just sit and let your mind rest.

Let me know how that feels!